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Saturday, December 24, 2011

Peace on Earth, Good Will to Men

I have to be honest....this Christmas has not been the shiny holiday it normally is for me.  In fact, it probably has been one of the toughest ones in a while.  And yet, it has put my mind in the right perspective, and made my heart stretch 3 sizes bigger.  For now, I want to focus on the wonderful things this fam has overcome in the the past year!!!  God has been good and blessed us in so many ways!  One important way is by sending people to lift us up!  Many may say that friendship is highly overrated and I would completely disagree!  I am moved and amazed by the people who step up and offer kindness, not expecting a thing in return!  secret santas all year that not one of the true gifts Christ offered- "Love others!"

2011 started out rocky as we knew Brooke had another surgery looming.  We were still trying to recover in many ways from the one in August.  But hope remained.  When she had her MRI in March, it revealed that brooke had Basilar Impression.  Basically her head was now wobbly after removing her cerebellum from her C spine area.  She would need to wear a collar whenever she was in the car, or had a chance of being knocked to hard.  The doc also informed us we needed to proceed with spinal surgery.  So exactly one month later, Brooke had a tether cord release of her spine.  Through this surgery we found out that her dura sac (this provided cerebral spinal fluid to her brain) was not where it was supposed to be.  Thankfully the doc found much higher.  This is a good indication of why Brooke has many issues below her belly, and her severe leg pains.

Brooke recovered quickly.  We went home with new hope!  Then in May things changed again as Tim's company closed their doors.  We sadly knew we might need to move.  We also knew we had major house issues to have to move.  Again God opened many doors!  We have an amazing Realtor with the patience of Job!  We had amazing friends who moved us!!!  And that was not an easy task either!  And we moved south to a town we knew nothing about.  Far away from family, friends and home!  Thankfully we have a wonderful warm home and each other!  And very quickly we had a new church home!  I am blown away by Brookfield Church!!!!  If the only reason we moved here was to meet these was worth it!!  They have quickly become family and blessed our lives!

We all had hope for 2012!  This would be our year of rest, and re-cooperation.  But there were other plans for our lives.  Right now we are spending time as a family.  I am praying desperately God shows us the path we need to be on.  And I am holding out hope in this new year.  Many things I can't write about...they are still to unsure and unknown.  But one thing I do know, is Christmas is a time to celebrate!  Not necessarily with fancy presents, shiny decorations, or elaborate food....but with family over Christ birth!  That is just what we are going to do...Rejoice and put our Hope in HIM!!!  Merry Christmas to all our wonderful friends and Family!  There are so many that I wish I could thank know who you are!  We love you and thank God for you!!!

Merry Christmas and Hope for the New Year!
Tim, Melinda, Aidan, Brooke, and Chandler, too!


  1. Thanks for the great update. Praying for you and your family as you enter more uncharted waters - trusting Him each and every step of the way. Miss you but so happy you found a new and amazing church familiy. Merry Christmas Melinda and family! Jerry S.

  2. We love you. You were in our hearts even this morning and always in our prayers. The Snyders