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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

a Christmas Miracle

I am a Christian.  I have said this before and I will probably re-say it at least a 1000 more times before I die. I see God everywhere.  Even on days when it seems pretty bleak, He just shows up and blows me away all over again.  I am so inspired by the miracles that seem to abound around Christmas.  I think people at this time of year, actually just stop to listen to what God has to say.  Their hearts are open and minds clear.  For many, they also want to experience that Christmas Miracle.  Something so special they step back and smile, shaking their head in sheer amazement.  Tonight I had my own Christmas Miracle.

The past few days we have been penny pinching, ok wait the past few months.  I try not to talk finances on here because honestly we are blessed beyond measure.  I never feel right saying where we are financially.  I guess because in comparison to many we have so very much.  But in order for my miracle to make much sense, you need a little back story.  We are trying very hard to keep our house, so we are being very careful how we spend.  But the bottom line....when you have had as many medical issues as our fam has had, your finances will more than likely be devastating.   And to top all that off, getting caught up after a job loss, then a move, then a job loss, then a move...well I am sure you get the idea.  Again no complaints, just reality.  So when it is close to pay day, it gets tight.  Today, so tight that we are literally down to our last 2 dollars.  Yes last 2, no pulling from savings, 401K, or some off shore account because they simply do not exist. My mind has to find creative ways of making it to Friday.  We have to make food and gas money stretch.

Today, I laid out my plan.  Tomorrow I go to Cincy for the day.  Tim needed something easy to feed our children for dinner.  Aidan had something to go to with my mom.  My gas tank was on E, but the gas light had not come on yet.  I knew that a certain grocery store in our area processes checks the old fashion way.  We set out.  I dropped off Aidan, still no gas light.  We headed to store.  To complicate things further, I needed to make sure I only spent a certain amount.    I have been able to get Brooke and Chan a Christmas gift, but still needed something for Aidan.  I knew it would work out because even when we had no job last year, God managed to help me get them something special.  There we were, shopping and adding.  Around the corner in the dairy section came a sweet face we had not seen in awhile!  A lady I used to work with was out shopping too.  We chatted for awhile.  In the past she has watched Aidan and Brooke (before Chan) and they just loved her.  We used to work together, and she was always a solid rock that could accomplish any job she was given.  I was sad when her and I no longer worked together.  After chatting for a bit, we both continued to shop.  I was almost done, and there her sweet face was again.  She came right up to me and told me she was buying my groceries.  I started crying ( I mean I am crying now, what do you expect!).  I told her about my $2.  But I did not need to tell her, God had already told her what to do!

You might think, "Ah a nice girl doing a nice thing.  Nothing more Melinda."  No way!!!!  I should not have been at that store tonight for so very many reasons.  But there I was, there she was. God planned this out so long ago, and I just needed to be there.  What a comfort to know He had my back.  And not only in providing the groceries, but allowing me now to get a little something special for Aidan.  Stuff like this is too good to make up.  It makes my heart see the beauty in His plan.  It makes me so thankful that others will allow their hearts to be opened to hear what Christmas Miracle they can be a part of!!!  And to make this miracle even gas light has still not gone on!!!  I hope you can believe in a Christmas Miracle too!

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