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Monday, April 9, 2012

Long Distance Friendship

I wanted to post this sooner but of course life gets CRAZY!  Although the trip to Iowa was not a success from a doctor stand was a success in other areas.  I was able to see friends I have not seen in years!  Plus we met their amazing daughters!  It was a very short visit, but wonderful.  After the horrid doc visit it was just what we needed.  Sadly I wish we lived closer because who knows when we will meet up again.  Brooke and Mackenzie became fast friends!  And Cassie graciously walked them around on the pony.  I know "gasp" Brooke should not have been on the pony.  But some days you have to just live a little and pray.  So we did.  Here are some pics of some beautiful kids!

Here we go!

Love this one!  The pony was starting to move faster!

Brooke and Mackenzie and sweet Cassie leading! And of course Chan running like a crazy man! 

Complete Joy!

So much fun!

two beautiful girls and a lovely view!

So thankful to our hosts and the love they shared!  Wish we had more time, but am thankful for the little bit we did have!  Super Big Hugs!

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