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Saturday, June 18, 2011

My Best Friend

Since tomorrow is father's day, I decided to write about my hubby!  After the past year, he deserves a Daddy Award!  I knew when I met him he was pretty special, and always amazed at how he proves me right.  I do not write much about him, and should!  So here we go....
We met 13 years ago, but it took him a whole year to ask me out.  I was drop dead gorgeous and he had to work up his nerve, ok not really but sounded good!  On our first date, I had my best friend follow us because I told him, "I do not trust you and do not want to end up in a black bag on the side of the road."  I had a flare for drama.  Our next date was slightly better as we went grocery shopping.  :)  All kidding aside, he was the bad boy with the good heart I had been looking for!  I found out he was not only cool, but he had an awesome group of friends and I was hooked! And you could say the rest was history....
I never realized what a Superstar he was until this year.  I am sad to say it took Brooke's Chiari to help me understand what I have!  Watching your daughter go through what Brooke has gone through tears a parent up.  But he has been my rock and her rock through it all.  He has wiped tears, held down flailing arms and legs, and slept countless nights at a hospital bedside.  You may say ....well that is what a daddy does.  But I saw plenty of children in that hospital with no daddy in sight. 
This has not been an easy year on him for his job either, from company being bought out, to traveling for long periods, to even more job changes.  Yet through it all he has held his head up high and pushed forward! 
I am not the mushy kind.  In fact, you will rarely see us hold hands in public.  And much to my brother and sister's chagrin, we watch movies while sitting on separate couches!  And yet when I see him playing with Aidan, or letting Brooke comb his hair, or cuddling with Chan, I count my blessings!  When I see him mowing our neighbors lawn and changing her light bulbs, (she is in her 80's) I realize I got quite a catch.  So Happy Father's Day to my Best Friend!!!!

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  1. This really beautiful Melinda. If you take out where you guys went on your date and take out the bad boy(I was the bad one LOL) then I could have written this for MY husband and Best Friend. Although it has ended with this year of all of Isabelle's surgeries & medical issues it started with me having 5 stomach surgeries in 2 years. Yes I said 5. With each one I was not allowed to life any kids or anything over 10 pounds. Even holding a gallon of milk was too much. It has been the hardest 3 years of our lives but we are closer than we have ever been. I knew he was amazing bet never knew how much.
    I am so happy that you two grew closer through this. My mom has told me when couples go through times like these it either breaks them or makes them.
    We are blessed women...Hey, they are blessed men, too.. LOL