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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Get Up!

Brooke loves this song "Get up!" by pure energy.  We listen to the cd so much, I have the whole thing memorized.  But I particularly like hearing her sing this song.  She sings it very loud and with pure conviction.  The song tells us to get up and move because we never know what blessing we might find. 

I have to say lately, I have been screaming this phrase at myself.  I get caught up in mind boggling dilemmas...Will Tim have a job next week, Will we be able to sell this house if we need to, Will we be able to afford this house, How can I make sure Amy is happy and taken care of, How can we see Amy more often, How can we take care of Tim's grandpa better, Is Tim ok since he has to travel so much now, Will my van continue to run, How do we deal with all these medical bills, Is Brooke ever going to overcome the rest of her medical issues, and so on.  We finally received the main bill from all surgeries.  Let's just say, we owe the hospital alone close to what we owe on our home.  And yet through all this junk, I hear that phrase...Get Up!  Do not sit around and feel sorry for yourself, move!  And so I do.

One thing I have discovered about myself is I like to get to the point as quickly as possible.  I like to be told the truth and then move forward.  Sometimes this stings a little, but you can never move forward if you are always looking back or just standing still.  So I like to just get to the point.  And I am very much this way with Brooke's medical stuff.  I do not like to dilly dally with just any doc.  I want to know he/she knows what they are doing and is well researched in the area we need.  I am so thankful that God has led us to the docs we have.  We are surrounded by really good doctors, who have made Brooke's future brighter.  I watch Brooke run and play, and how she attacks life.  She does not even worry about what she can't do.  She just focuses on what she can do!  Each day she gets up and makes the day better!  I am so thankful for her surgeries, her collar, and her amazing docs. She still has pain and has to overcome many obstacles but she trusts God.  What more could a momma ask for?  Brooke teaches me each day how precious life is!

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